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Unpredictable times, what more can I say… Just over a year ago now, I genuinely, like many others, thought covid 19 was just a minor scare… How wrong could I have been.

I remember it vividly… Driving to the alps for a ski weekend. Happily going about my daily routine like nothing was happening. Fresh in Switzerland and excited for my new adventures. We were hearing these murmurs, rumours, whispers… that there was this outbreak on the other side of the world… There is no way this is going to end up worldwide, more like an isolated scare … That certainly was not the case, as came to be apparent very quickly, no this was an outbreak of unparalleled size. How was I going to believe that this was just the beginning of a GLOBAL Pandemic? The start of shutting down, my first thought, ABSOLUTLY NOT. But in reality, life as we know it was about to completely change! Entire industries shutting down, the economic effects long lasting. How could countries, suddenly have complete control over the way their populations move, live, interact?

Many of these changes have now become the norm, a complete change in the way we go about life, unfathomable amounts of hand sanitizer, masks for every occasion and social distancing… what next, who knows?! But one thing I have come to realise is, life is short, very short, and these events no matter how big or small, can occur at what seems, like the drop of a hat… Overnight. And they have long lasting effects, the extent of which we do not yet know exactly but we have had a taste of. Almost as if we have just scratched the surface. For me at least I will not be so naïve in the sense that this could so easily happen again. And I for one will be much more prepared, set up for the future, protected… because if the next one personally affects me, I want to be in the best position I can be to head-off the negative effects.

…and who knows, I may have a family of my own to look after by then and even this, as I have come to learn over the last year and a half, is not beyond the realms of reality.

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