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Your trusted guide to life in Switzerland. Discover expert insights on expat living, finance, and more. Your key to success in Switzerland.

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Our Services

Life Cycle Planning

This is the strategic process of managing financial resources over a person’s lifetime, encompassing earning, spending, saving, investing, and protecting assets, with the aim of achieving financial goals and security.

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Early Stage

Early stage financial life cycle planning involves setting financial goals, creating a budget, building an emergency fund, managing debt, and starting to invest. It lays the foundation for long-term financial success.

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Developing Stage

Developing stage financial life cycle planning involves increasing savings, potential property purchase, developing a long-term financial plan, establishing retirement accounts, and managing debt effectively. It focuses on building wealth and preparing for future financial needs.

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Mature Stage

Mature stage financial life cycle planning involves building and preserving accumulated wealth, managing retirement savings, creating tax efficient savings plans and managing the risks accumulated through employee stock plans. It focuses on ensuring financial assets are held and managed efficiently.

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Pre-retirement stage financial life cycle planning involves assessing retirement needs, maximizing retirement accounts, paying off debt, and planning for healthcare costs and other large expenses that may come to fruition in retirement. It focuses on preparing for a comfortable retirement.

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Investment Advice

Investment advice is a valuable resource for investors, providing you with expert guidance, personalized strategies, risk management, and education, all of which contribute to enhancing the likelihood of achieving your financial goals and building wealth over time.

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Regular Savings Advice

Regular saving advice involves creating a long-term investment plan that emphasizes consistent contributions to a diversified portfolio. It considers your goals, insurance needs, risk tolerance and time horizon for optimal returns. The advice considers tax efficient savings and ensures allowances are fully optimized.

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Lump Sum Investment Advice

Lump sum investment advice involves providing guidance on investing a large amount of money in a single transaction. It considers your goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions to create a diversified portfolio for optimal returns. We analyze the ability to make tax efficient lump sum savings to ensure your portfolio is fully optimized.

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Tax Planning

Our Tax Planning Advice service involves creating strategies to minimize tax liabilities and maximize after-tax income. It considers your financial situation, goals, and the relevant tax laws to optimize deductions, credits, and investments for tax efficiency.

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Leaving Switzerland

We provide guidance on financial, tax, and legal considerations for individuals or families relocating from Switzerland. It includes asset transfer, tax planning, and investment advice

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Download a guide to Arriving in Switzerland

Arriving in Switzerland can be incredibly difficult, in this guide we go into great detail on managing your finances in Switzerland.

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I am so glad I chose to work with Swissential to create a financial plan for my future. They took the time to really understand both me and my financial situation, and then created a personalized plan that was easy for me to understand. My advisor also gave great advice on how to avoid some of the pitfalls that can derail even the best plans. An added bonus is that he is also very fun to work with and made the entire process enjoyable!

Tracy J.They took the time to really understand both me and my financial situation

I was referred to Swissential by a friend of mine during a moment of great personal and financial uncertainties. My advisor was immediately very helpful to me and within a short frame of time we had a preliminary contact. During this first consultation, He showed to be very attentive, ready to answer my questions and to propose concrete solutions to my problems. Swissential was able to give me professional and competent advice that put me on the right track. I am very grateful to Swissential for the financial and professional advice they have given me so far.

Ailvia L.Immediately helpful

I have been working with Swissential only recently and yet it feels that I know the consultant for ages. The Swissential consultant is very knowledgeable, professional and with an excellent sense of humour! He is my go to person for all matters, financial, pensions and mortgages.

Sarah D.He is my go to person

I was impressed by Swissential consultant’s professional approach & meticulous preparation. They have a great knowledge of the Swiss Pillar System and I confidently recommend them.

Bernard F.Confidently Recommend

Very satisfied with the service until now. The consultant has provided professional and transparent advice.

Josep SProfessional and transparent

My Swissential consultant was introduced to me by a colleague as an advisor who displays knowledge, benevolence and reliability. He took his time to understand my situation and explain complex situations in a very clear way. Thank you for your help, Swissential! Highly recommended

Lucia M.Highly recommended

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