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Mature stage financial life cycle planning involves building and preserving accumulated wealth, managing retirement savings, creating tax efficient savings plans and managing the risks accumulated through employee stock plans. It focuses on ensuring financial assets are held and managed efficiently.

Tax Optimization

The two certainties of life, death and taxes! When you reach the peak of your career, your tax liability is also likely at its peak. To optimize taxes, utilize tax advantaged savings accounts, such as your pensions, and consider tax efficient investments for your liquid assets.

Employee Benefits

Your rewards from employment can consist of so much more than just a salary. Pension contributions and the different levels available, stock saving plans and long term stock incentives can all be difficult to assess and understand the implications for your finances. Reviewing these assets against your own goals and risk tolerance, is essential planning for your future.

Divorce Planning

A new chapter awaits you. During a divorce it’s essential to assess your future finances to understand the impact of any division of assets and debts. You need to consider the tax implications and create a budget to ensure you meet your own future financial goals.


Whether planned or not, losing a job in the mature stages of your career can be unsettling. Although challenging, you need to consider the options with regards to your employee benefits built up and any termination package you’re due to receive. Consider the tax implications and options available, particularly in respect to your pensions.

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Explore life cycle planning - Developing Stage

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