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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge for your services?

For our advice only service, we charge via a flat fee or hourly rate. This is agreed before any chargeable work is undertaken. For our portfolio management services, we charge an annual management fee that is quoted as a percentage of the assets. For any insurance intermediation work, we are commission-based.

What is your approach to financial planning?

We are a lifecycle financial planning firm. We assess where you are in your financial journey and assess the likely events that will occur for you. We put these into shorter term events, mid term events and longer term events. This allows us to assess more accurately the risk tolerance for each goal and recommend suitable investments to fit the goal based strategy.

How do you stay updated with changes in the financial industry?

The financial industry constantly evolves, and all our financial planners have a commitment to ongoing training. We have weekly inhouse training sessions and are fully supportive of our advisers in their professional pursuit of knowledge through further education and professional qualifications

Can you provide references or testimonials from your clients?

You can see what our clients say about us here. We always ask for feedback, and whatever the outcome, we learn from this to make our services better.

How safe is my money with Swissential?

We do not hold client monies directly. Therefore, in the event of financial insolvency of the firm, your assets are safe. We only work with reputable and large financial institutions and custodians and continually perform due diligence to ensure our clients money is safe.

What makes Swissential different from other financial advisers?

We believe that EVERYONE should have access to high-quality financial advice to empower better financial decision-making. Through financial education and a better understanding of decision-making, EVERYONE can feel more confident about their future. We want to share OUR passionate ambitions, to help you achieve YOURS

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