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Pension planning involves saving money during your working years to provide an income during your retirement. This can be achieved through State-sponsored pension schemes, employer-sponsored plans, private retirement account savings (3rd pillar), or personal savings. The goal is to accumulate enough funds to cover living expenses in retirement.

Swiss Pension Planning

Swiss pension planning involves assessing contributions into the three main pillars of the system, the State System is the first pillar (AHV / AVS), the second pillar is your occupational pension provision (sponsored by your employer) and the third pillar is the private pension provision you can accumulate. Contributions are tax deductible, and retirement benefits are based on the contributions made.

International Pension Planning

International pension planning involves the consideration of any pension benefits that you might have built up in the different countries that you have lived and worked. You may have contributed to multiple pension schemes all over the world and it’s important that you understand the tax laws and regulations where both your pension is held and where you’ll be resident in retirement. It requires careful research and planning to optimize retirement income.

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