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The strategic process of managing financial resources over your lifetime, encompassing earning, spending, saving, investing, and protecting assets, with the aim of achieving your financial goals and security.

Early Stage

Early stage financial life cycle planning involves setting financial goals, creating a budget, building an emergency fund, managing debt, and starting to invest. It lays the foundation for long-term financial success.

Developing Stage

Developing stage financial life cycle planning involves increasing savings, potential property purchase, developing a long-term financial plan, establishing retirement accounts, and managing debt effectively. It focuses on building wealth and preparing for future financial needs.

Mature Stage

Mature stage financial life cycle planning involves building and preserving accumulated wealth, managing retirement savings, creating tax efficient savings plans and managing the risks accumulated through employee stock plans. It focuses on ensuring financial assets are held and managed efficiently.

Pre-Retirement Stage

Pre-retirement stage financial life cycle planning involves assessing retirement needs, maximizing retirement accounts, paying off debt, and planning for healthcare costs and other large expenses that may come to fruition in retirement. It focuses on preparing for a comfortable retirement.

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