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“Technology & Social Media Is Just For The Young”
“It`s All Too New, I Couldn`t Possibly Understand It”
“Isn`t It Just Full Of Trolls & Keyboard Warriors?”

Above are just some of the things I`ve seen written about the internet, social media, & the influence it has on modern society. Especially these days… There is certainly much stigma around the fact that anonymity allows any of us to pretty much write & post whatever we want & not be held accountable for it no matter how offensive the content, derogatory the comments & in some extremes cases, even the outright defamation of character.

Well… I`m here to talk to you all about the good side of the internet & social media, how it can be used for good, & how here in Switzerland in can help you when it comes to learning about the country, settling in, & even making big decisions about what steps to take for you as an individual or as a family. I shall use the cantons of Vaud & Geneva as an example, as that is mainly where we work & live at Swissential SA.

Many internationals come to Switzerland having not ever visited the country & knowing very little about it. The food, the culture, the work ethic, the language(s) etc. Now of course it`s easy enough to just Google “Everything I need to know about Switzerland” but the results will not only probably not be as accurate as you`d like, they also most certainly be written from only one individual`s point of view.

This is where those that have come together within Switzerland can help you save time as well as money. The first great example of this is diplomats from other countries living & working locally. They arrive for an unspecified/specified period of time & need to settle quickly. They will be sure to deck their homes out with everything one would normally need, but upon leaving to re-locate or return to their own country, they need to ensure these belongings (furniture, appliances, electronics, & many other household goods) are dispersed with quickly & inexpensively. In order to do this, websites such as or are brilliant for selling these goods cheaply (or even advertising them for free) as well as even being able to take over the apartment or house they lived in with lots of these goods included as well. A great place to pick up a bargain!!!

Another area you undoubtedly need to know your stuff within Switzerland is when it comes to the rules. There are so many things that you need to know, & the best places to be able to ensure your finger is kept firmly on the pulse are the likes of as well as & also where you can learn about everything from registering & de-registering from the area you live, to which health insurance to pick, to which upcoming popular vote is coming up next, to which public holidays are celebrated in your area.

Getting around & enjoying activities is also another big thing that is very popular here in Switzerland, & sites like for how to get around & pick up discount travelcards, to sites like www.getyourguide/ch are key to discovering what there is to do in & around the cantons that are local to you & beyond. Now, whether you want to find a nice restaurant serving local fare, or just don`t fancy cooking & want a nice night in front of the sofa watching TV, & will soon see you feasting on something delicious.

You will find forums & specialist groups within all of these webpages with social media links that will offer you expert tips & guidance on how to be able to quickly learn the basics & not be hit too hard in the pocket doing it. Switzerland is well renowned for being an expensive place, but it`s also somewhere that value for money can be found if you`re willing enough to go & look for it!

All in all, it`s sites like these that people join for the benefits of being able to attain key information the can use very easily. I leave you with this thought: the fact that one our managers, who is undeniably challenged by technology, can easily find out all the information he needs when he wants to is testament to the fact that sometimes social media & the internet can be a very useful tool to all of us get the job done!!!

Happy hunting people!

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