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Bern is the Capital
Many are under the impression that it would be Geneva thanks to its media exposure or the densely populated city of Zurich. However, in 1948 Bern became the capital of the Swiss Federation.

Switzerland’s population can fit inside a bomb shelter.
Although many are filled with wine, equipment to climb the mountains or ski down, the swiss (by law) are ready to hide away from nuclear threats!

Animals have their rights
Our fury dog friends are permitted in restaurants and are commonly seen as such. Social animals must be kept in pairs. The law says if your guinea pig loses his comrade then you must buy or rent (yes you can rent one just for this purpose) another to keep company until his/her time comes. Things went so far in 2010 that a referendum arose questioning whether animals should have lawyers. It did not pass.

Clocks: The swiss don’t just make them – they follow them.
Swiss punctuality is more than a punchline. The Swiss take a lot of pride in their punctuality, in fact,  it’s rooted in a deep respect for their fellow countrymen. By showing up on time, they are saying ‘I value you, and therefore, I value your time.’ So what does this mean for you in Switzerland? For one, if you make plans with a Swiss national, don’t be late or you could offend your hosts; for another, their trains leave on time, so don’t miss your connections!

No domestic Sundays
In Switzerland there are laws that make it illegal to move, hang out laundry, wash your car or recycle bottles on Sundays. So, enjoy the Sunday instead of working.

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