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Switzerland is one of the most attractive countries in the world when it comes to work-life balance, beautiful scenery, skiing, wine, cheese and that’s just to name a few reasons! It is a very desirable place to live for young individuals just beginning their careers here or families making a life for themselves. But what exactly do you have to do to qualify for a Swiss passport which is ranked 4th on the global passport index? Well, you can apply for a Swiss passport if you have been granted Swiss citizenship and in general there are two routes to gain Swiss citizenship – the first being by birth, descent or adoption, or in other words having at least one Swiss parent. The second way is through naturalisation – if you hold a C residence permit and have lived in Switzerland for at least 10 years. There is an exception to this as it is reduced to 5 years if you have been married for at least three years to a Swiss citizen, or if you are a child aged between 8-18.

You do however also have to meet a number of other requirements which can vary across the cantons but which typically include:

  • demonstrating written and spoken knowledge of a Swiss national language
  • integration into Swiss life and culture
  • compliance with Swiss law and customs
  • not being considered a threat to Swiss national security
  • no time spent on Swiss social welfare in the last 3 years, unless you pay back the money received

What parameters do you check or tick? Is it something that you would consider for you and your family in the near or longer term future…? It is really a beautiful country and is most definitely worth it! Count me in!

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