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Pay bills, make dentist appointment, take cat to vet, help kids with homework, cook dinner, do washing, sort out finances……the list of daily tasks for any parent can be never-ending so add the pressure of work into the mix and it’s not surprising that sorting out those finances is all too often at the bottom of the list, waiting for a day when you’ll have more time.

But……will you ever have more time and when you do will it be a bit too late – a bit late to plan for your children’s education, a bit late to plan for meeting your aspirations in retirement? In reality there’s always something you can do but the earlier you think about putting a plan in place the more options will be available to you.

If you speak to a financial adviser, they’ll take you through the essentials of financial planning for people living and/or working in Switzerland. Your adviser will consider your personal circumstances – family situation, employment history and future plans before providing recommendations to suit your individual needs.

Parents have many of the same questions as everyone else but there are obviously areas of particular interest such as saving for children’s education, how to make the most of tax advantages related to childcare and how to deal with inheritance issues. Key questions parents often ask include:

  • How much should I be saving for my children’s higher education?
  • Will I have saved enough for when I reach retirement?
  • How can I maximize the tax advantages available to me in Switzerland?
  • Should I consolidate the pension plans I’ve accumulated abroad?
  • How can I pass wealth on to my children in a tax-efficient manner?

Depending on your individual situation the adviser will answer your questions and propose savings and investment solutions to suit your requirements. What action you decide to take based on this advice is up to you but whatever happens it’s one more thing you can cross off your list!

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