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There are plenty of money superstitions that keep people busy and fit into their lifestyle throughout the year; from buying a money tree to itchy palms. The assumption that events that are unrelated but happen at a similar or defined period is irrational but mostly harmless. Psychologists say that it could also be a trick of the mind, which can also work in a positive way. Tennis players or figure skaters often have their routines before performances that they believe bring them good luck. These routines help concentration and to distract them away from any issues they might have outside their work. For ordinary people, problems arise when superstitions lead to feeling unease when something commonly believed as bad luck happens, such as if a black cat crosses the path.

When I was around 17 years old, I bought my first “expensive adult” wallet. It was a gorgeous Michael Kors orange purse (don’t laugh, the brand went downhill since then, as this was a long time ago) that fit in all the paper money, coins, discount cards and bank cards that I needed. I was very happy with my purchase and carried it with pride, until one of my friends noted that perhaps according to Feng-Shui or something, orange is not the best colour for money storage. In fact, it might open an “energy hole” that would eventually suck all my finances into it.

At that time, it made so much sense! All my impromptu bad buys unworthy of their price, the bills for things I never knew existed, outings that were far more expensive than I imagined came together like a puzzle. I had picked an unlucky colour for my purse.

Now what? I buy a new one, of course. Look for the colour that attracts prosperity and wait for the riches to fall into my bank account. Except, it is not only the colour, but also the right timing. I cannot buy it in winter because Chinese astrology says that we need to wait for spring to come, and even then, I cannot ignore Mercury retrograde because then I will be penniless for months! I must wait until the moon will be in its growing phase and then leave it on my windowsill during the new moon to let it “collect the energy of abundance”. After all these actions, bizarre traditions and several perfect wallets, I can confirm that I did not suddenly win the lottery.

Our minds find comfort and creativity in various spheres. Believing most of the occult practices helps us to shift a bit of weight onto something that might not even exist. There are plenty of ways to control your life without having to rely on higher powers too much. The idea that my wallet colour is the reason behind my spending increase as opposed to moving out of the dorm and living by myself as a university student, gave me a false sense of relief that I can control my financial situation without having to drastically rethink my expenses. With a proper adviser, I really would not have had to … and I could have afforded by now a “real adult wallet”, like a Louis Vuitton 😉

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