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Financial Tools

Swissentail specializes in assisting International Professionals, whether you have been in Switzerland for one month or decades, utilize all financial tools and institutions available at their disposal to achieve their objectives, whether it is to lower their taxes, grow their savings, access property, protect their family, exit Switzerland, and so on.

We are a thirty people strong company, located in Nyon (canton of Vaud) providing you a qualified service throughout our Online Client Portal to make the most of your time, and to be able to speak to you at any time of the day or evening.

Our aim is to bring Holistic, Swiss Financial-Planning Services to a wide range of International Professionals (foreigners established in Switzerland since a month to twenty years) in order to help them achieve their Financial Goals and make the most of their life in Switzerland.

Historically, we used to provide our services Face to Face, which primarily restricted our consultants to the French-Speaking part of Switzerland. For several years now, with have been using our Online Client Portal and the latest Online Meeting Technology to provide our services and financial tools, online. This way, no more time wasted in transport – our Swiss qualified advisers spend their time where it is the most valued – providing you a service.


Swissential who we are

We are a Financial Planning led Investment Management Business

These are the steps we follow to help you:

  1. We help you set your Financial Goals
    • Family Protection
    • Mortgage Planning
    • Education Planning
    • Retirement Planning
  2. We assess your current path
    • What is your current understanding of options available to you in Switzerland?
    • What is your current understanding of your current level of family protection?
    • How do you currently save?
    • Have you used all tools to optimize your taxes?
    • Are you structured to save efficiently over time?
  3. We build a tailored plan to achieve your goals
    • We primarily use mainstream Tax Optimization Tools (3a, 3b, Buy-Back, Buy-Forward, AVS Bridge, Extra Ongoing Contributions in your pension plan)
    • We primarily use mainstream Financial Optimization tool (assessment of your Asset Structure, your current saving pattern, your risk profile)
  4. We implement the plan
    • We start with optimizing your taxes on an ongoing basis:
    • We then implement Lump Sum asset management solutions
  5. We keep you on track / We service the plan
    • Based on your requirements, we discuss your Financial Plan once a year to twice a year to keep you on track and make the necessary adjustments

At Swissential SA, we have one simple mission: To empower you to ask the important questions and make the right decisions. We specialise in helping you understand the rights, entitlements and opportunities unique to Switzerland.

Being based in Switzerland is a unique opportunity to achieve your objectives, goals and ambitions. Our role is to support you to achieve these milestones by ensuring that you understand the tools that are available and helping you implement them strategically and effectively.

Our approach has been developed over numerous years of advising people from different nationalities, age group, industries in Switzerland. We have learned to tailor our advice to your personal circumstances by actively listening. This means you walk away with what you actually need.

Our mantra is simple: Always start with the basics as these are essentials. Imagine you are in the process of building your own house. Would you start with picking the type of flooring you want before having built the foundations? More often than not, individuals have the right intentions but simply not the know-how to optimize their situation. The majority of professionals we meet are looking for simple solutions that fit their individual or family circumstances – solutions that protect their income, their savings and their loved ones, whilst providing consistent growth over the long term.

Essential Financial Planning advice

We provide essential Financial Planning advise to individuals and families that have either recently moved to Switzerland, currently live in Switzerland or intend to leave the country soon. We can’t make you rich – all we can do is show you how you can make yourself wealthier by having a Financial Plan and executing it on a consistent basis.

Once we have helped you make sure the foundations are in place, our Consultants will assist with other areas of financial planning, including Portfolio Management, Investment Advice or International Pension Management. It is important for individuals or families that have accumulated assets, whether domestically or aboard, to be correctly informed of the options available to protect their savings, mitigate taxes and achieve growth over the mid to long term.

The Internet provides a Wealth of information on these topics, but can be a double-edged sword for those who lack the full framework within to structure the information available.

Our team of Swiss Specialists offer advise in English, French, Italian, Greek and Polish.