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At Swissential SA, we are passionate about changing our clients perception of financial advice. We have one simple mission: To empower you to ask the important questions and make the right decisions, when it matters most.

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We specialise in helping you understand the rights, entitlements and opportunities unique to Switzerland that can help you improve your personal finances.

Being based in Switzerland is a unique opportunity to achieve your objectives, goals and ambitions. Our role is to support you to achieve these milestones by ensuring that you understand the tools that are available and helping you implement them strategically and effectively.
Swissential SA is registered as an Insurance Intermediary with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Swissential SA is also a Member of and regulated by the Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers (ARIF).

Our approach has been developed over numerous years of advising people from different nationalities, age groups and industries in Switzerland. We have learned to tailor our advice to your personal circumstances by actively listening. This means you walk away with what you actually need and not simply what your adviser wants to give you.

Our mantra is simple at Swissential SA: Always start with the basics as these are essential. We won’t promise to make you rich but we will promise to make you efficient.

At Swissential, we are passionate about changing the perception of this industry, one day at the time, one meeting at the time, one client at the time. We provide essential financial planning advice to individuals and families that are either looking to move to Switzerland, currently live in Switzerland or intend to leave the country soon.

We have one simple mission: to do exactly what we say we are going to do for you – nothing less.

We strive to be a source of relevant information, helping you understand your finances, rights and obligations and most importantly the fundamentals of how the Swiss system affects you and your family. We will help you understand the benefits of utilising the tools available to you during your time in Switzerland.

The majority of professionals we meet are looking for simple solutions that fit their individual or family circumstances. Solutions that protect their income, their savings and their loved ones, whilst providing consistent growth over the long term.

It is always tempting for clients or advisors to focus on investments, growth and returns. That’s the exciting bit! Our philosophy is that establishing the basics should be a priority. Imagine you have just bought a plot of land on which to build a home. Would you pick the interior design before having built the foundations? More often than not, the savings achieved by clever use of the tax system can far outweigh the profits generated by any reasonably safe investment.

Once we have helped you make sure the foundations are in place, Swissential SA is able to assist in other areas of financial planning including Portfolio Management, Investment Advice or International Pension Management. It is important for individuals or families that have accumulated assets, whether domestically or abroad, to be correctly informed of the options available to protect their savings, mitigate taxes and achieve growth over the medium to long term.

The Internet provides a wealth of information on these topics, but can be a double-edged sword for those who lack the full framework within which to structure the information available.

At Swissential SA, we understand the nuances of the system and how the different parts inter-relate. We can provide a foundation, tailored to your specific circumstances, that will enable you to build your future with certainty and stability. We won’t promise you spectacular headline numbers. We start with the basics and help you achieve safe, sensible and legal optimisation of your finances within the Swiss system.


Our team of international experts offer advice in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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