It is quite simple – we want to help you manage your Financial Affairs on an ongoing basis, and to provide our services, we need to manage a part of your savings where we can derive an income whilst helping you manage your finances more effectively too.

We are fully confident in the value of the Service we deliver. Our job is simply to SHOW YOU the value we can deliver on an ongoing basis working alongside us.

Only when we have understood who you are and where you want to be, do we propose how we can help you get there. Only upon acceptance of this plan do we start to earn an income.

In some cases, we will receive commissions from the fees charged by the Institution we recommend
Example: You start a health insurance or a third pillar – we receive a commission from the bank or insurance company you choose.

In other cases, we will charge you a fee directly for the service provided
Example: You have a lump sum of 200’000 CHF you want us to help you manage. We will charge you a fee on a yearly basis for this service.

Our aim is usually to start working with you on small areas of financial planning and over time we can help you with more substantial Financial Issues (example: getting a mortgage, lump sum asset management, pension management if you are leaving Switzerland).

We strongly believe that starting to work alongside you as early as possible means that instead of going to see your bank when you have a financial need, you will give us an opportunity to show you how many more services you can derive from Swissential SA, as an Independent Holistic Financial Planner, with access to the whole of the market.