What We Do



What we do? We understand the specific concerns of International Professionals who are uncertain about their future. Swissential SA has partnerships with major retail banks, insurance companies, tax advisors, legal firms, fund houses and private banks, in order to offer our clients the flexibility they require.

  • Your Tax-residence is in Switzerland (whether you just arrived or have been here for many years)
  • You have left Switzerland but still have a pension in the country

We specialize in helping what is called the “Mass Affluent Markets”: People who are working, saving money on an ongoing bases but do not necessary know how to use those savings / resources in the most efficient way to achieve their targets.

As a client, you have access to our “Online Client Portal” with easy-to-use documents needed in your day-to-day financial life in Switzerland; you will also benefit from a multitude of tips and advice we can provide, to guide you through the Swiss System – their opportunities and pitfalls.

Our aim is to bring “Holistic Swiss Financial-Planning Services” to a wide range of “International Professionals” (foreigners established in Switzerland for just a few months to twenty years) to help them achieve their Financial Goals and make the most of their life in Switzerland.

Below you will find a non-exhaustive list of the Main Services we provide to private clients.


Holistic Approach: Analysis of your personal situation covering life and non-life insurance, private wealth, real estate portfolio and pension planning in order to help you structure yourself financially to achieve your objectives

Education fee planning for your children:

  • List various options available to you to plan for your children’s education
  • Estimate the cost of education depending on different countries and scenarios
  • We source the most appropriate solution to achieve your target fund

Retirement/Financial Independence planning for yourself

  • Estimate the savings required to achieve your Financial Independence objectives
  • List the various options available to you, both locally and internationally.
  • We source the most appropriate solution to achieve your objective

Mortgage Planning How to structure yourself to achieve ownership

  • How does the mortgage system work? Will you pay more income
  • How far are you to achieve this dream
  • We make simulations and assist clients to find the most appropriate mortgage provider


  • 1st Pillar / AVS / AHV (Your State Pension):
    • How does the system work?
    • Calculate your benefits already accumulated (based on your salary and years of service)
    • How to claim your 1st Pillar pension at retirement (from abroad)
    • Extract your 1st Pillar contribution should leave Switzerland for a country which does not have a social security agreement with Switzerland (ex. India)
  • 2nd Pillar:
    • How does the system work?
    • Benefits of using your buy-back (all pros and cons)
    • Benefits of using your buy-forward
    • Exit tax issues when extracting your swiss pensions – how to pay less?
    • Find the best solution to manage your LPP when leaving Switzerland
    • Lump Sum extraction or Annuity at retirement
    • Strategy to optimize your taxes whilst using your 2nd pillar effectively
    • Which option to use when your 2nd pillar allows for it (more contributions, less, where to invest the funds between the options offered by your company – how does that interact with your private portfolio)
  • 3rd Pillar A (Bank orIinsurance)
    • Advantages of starting a Third Pillar Account
    • Difference between bank and insurance third pillars
    • Benefits and drawback of each solutions
    • We Find the most appropriate solution for your personal circumstances:
      • In cash or invested
      • With life insurance & guaranteed returns
      • Without life insurance & open to market fluctuations
  • 3rd Pillar B (only insurance)
    • Tax benefits
    • Find the most appropriate solution for your personal circumstance
      • With life insurance & guaranteed returns
      • Without life insurance & open to market fluctuations


Like most people, you have disposable income you wish to save on an ongoing basis. Like most internationals, you are not sure:

  • How to save those funds (monthly, yearly)
  • Where to save those funds (in Switzerland, in Currencies abroad)
  • Which investment platform to use (your bank, an insurance, an independent platform, online, or with the advice of professionals)


Our qualified Wealth Managers can help you understand:

  • The fees you are currently pay on an ongoing basis for your existing portfolio management
  • The risk you are actually taking to achieve the performance achieved
  • The Best investment vehicle to use to grow your assets

Based on your current situation, we will make suggestions so you can:

  • Optimize your portfolio in terms of Cost-management
  • Optimize your portfolio in terms of Risk-management
  • Get the appropriate level oif ongoing services for your needs
  • Consolidate your existing investment for ease of use and man
  • Access institutional rates instead of retail rates

Our principal requirements are set out by our regulator Code of Deontology:

  • Respect for the integrity of financial markets
  • Guarantee of irreproachable management
  • Duty of information on services offered and remuneration
  • Conclusion of a written asset management contract
  • Guarantee of confidentiality

In order to provide a professional, cost effective and regulatory compliant service, we utilize Swiss Compliant Wrappers as well as country-specific compliant “Bond / Assurance Vie” Wrappers in multiple currencies (Suitable for expats from Sweden, Finland, Spain, Belgium, France, Cyprus, UK, Italy, Malta, Germany and other nations).


  • UK Pension Advice that covers:
    • Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP)
    • Small Self-Administered Pension Scheme (SASS)
    • Section 32 Wind Up Policies
    • Section 226 Retirement Annuity Contracts
    • Personal Pension Schemes
    • Occupational Pension Schemes (Defined Benefit and Money Purchase)
  • International Pension Schemes covering:
    • Qualified Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) held in Malta, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and others
    • Qualified non-UK Pension Schemes (QNUPS)
  • US Pension Advice covering:
    • 401K and IRA
    • Internationally compliant pension schemes


At Swissential, we are predominantly Financial Planners – this is what we do best. Over the years, we have selected a range of professionals providing tailored services that we do not provide in-house. Once we have assessed each client’s situation we can then introduce them to specialist professionals in the area required:

  • Mortgages : to help you with the process of getting the best rates, depending on your canton of residence
  • Tax Advice (Local & International): to help you optimize your taxes, based on your private circumstances and your canton of residence.
  • FX services: to help you fx your currencies in the most cost efficient way
  • Estate Planning: to help you put in place your Wills & Inheritance / Trust Planning
  • Private Insurance Policies: to help you optimize your insurance portfolio and be appropriately covered, when it comes to:
    • Health insurance (basic & private / supplemental)
    • Personal Third Party Liability insurance
    • Household insurance (contents insurance)
    • Valuables insurance
    • Car insurance (third party liability insurance / supplemental)
    • Legal Protection insurance
    • Pet insurance
    • Life insurance (3A & 3B)