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Unquestionably Recommend

I had the opportunity and the privilege to be advised by Swissential adviser for my financial and retirement plan. Their level of professionalism and competence in these domains is exceptional, to say the least. They take the time to listen to the client, analyze the requirements and then come up with a series of options. What makes the difference between my adviser and many other advisers is that they look at the option that fits best for you, not for them.

I unquestionably recommend Swissential for any inquiries you might have on your financial or retirement plans.

Giuseppe G.

I Have Trust

Geneva for a long time was awash with people and companies offering financial advice to ex.pats particularly those with UK based company pensions. Turnover of the companies and advisors was high so it was very difficult to be sure of advice or build up a trusting relationship

Have been working with Swissential for more than 4 years I can only say that I have at last found someone who understands my requirements and who I have trust that the advice that I am being offered is right for me and my future retirement
in my consultant I find someone who listens, considers and offer options all with a quiet and thoughtful approach. I also appreciate the Swiss FINMA licence held by Swissential.

Moving from a company based final salary pension is not to be taken lightly, but with Swissential advising me I do not regret having taken that decision. if asked I would not hesitate to recommend

Andrew B.

The approach is very helpful

Swissential was very helpful in providing a detailed overview of the Swiss pension plans and real estate implications. The approach is very helpful as my advisor tailors the presentation to the individual needs and adapts it on the way based on the progress of the topic. I strongly recommend Swissential.

Adrian L.

Valuable Information

My adviser from Swissential has been explaining all details of the various areas of pension pillars and how they impact on taxation. He has been very professional and shared valuable information and good recommendations.

Giovanni F.

Competent, flexible and determined

Great experience. The advisors are competent, flexible and determined to help. Highly recommended to anyone wishing to put in place a smart strategy on their retirement funds.

Fareva A

Strongly Recommend

The company provided succinct and relevant feedback and I would strongly recommend them.
John M.

Optimized my taxes

Swissential has been very helpful to me in regards to understanding the Swiss system and how to easily optimize my taxes. Professional advise, not pushy, which was a nice change compared to other advisors I had met.

Charlie S

He is my go to person

I have been working with Swissential only recently and yet it feels that I know the consultant for ages. The Swissential consultant is very knowledgeable, professional and with an excellent sense of humour! He is my go to person for all matters, financial, pensions and mortgages.

Sarah D.

Help Expats

Swissential is of great help explaining to me the benefits of 3rd pillar, giving me well justified recommendations that fit well with my profile. I appreciated their patience and the time they dedicated to me as well as her friendly and professional attitude! I highly recommend them as a professional that can really help expats seeking for advice!

Caterina M.

Solved Any Questions

Minas B.

Thanks Swissential for your financial tips!

My advisor is  truly professional, very talented and smart. Their approach is very polite and I’ve enjoyed our chats and meetings. Thanks Swissential for your financial tips!

Alessandro G.

Available for Follow-up Discussions

Reemt B.

Quick & Efficient

Swissential is highly professional and responds quickly and efficiently to all issues that arose. I highly recommend working with them.

Alicia B.

They actually care

I learned a lot from these guys and certainly feel well advised. You can tell they actually care instead of just trying to sell you something. Very happy with the way I was dealt with and would recommend to others seeking to improve their set up in Switzerland.

Phoebe A

Well explained step by step

Good for those who want to know more about possible tax deductions in Switzerland, well explained step by step.

Jeremie A

Open and Honest

As a newly retired resident here in Switzerland I found Swissential consultant’s advice invaluable. They have a very approachable style and is open and honest about the structure of any future financial relationships. If you are looking for some retirement planning advice and possible asset management I would recommend you give Swissential a “no obligation” call.

Tim B.

Clear and Precise Communication

I had a very good experience with Swissential. We was able to understand my needs very quickly and make proposals accordingly. Above all, I would recommend them for their clear and precise communication as well as his open and trustworthy approach.

I would for sure encourage you to have a conversation with Swissential consultant if you feel that your financial position could benefit from optimization.

Stelios V.

Remarkable patience and insight

Swissential has shown remarkable patience and insight in guiding me through the maze of Swiss financial planning.

Tom P.

Truly here to assist

The consultant has taken the time to realistically assess my situation, advised without personal bias and gave honest feedback.
He stands out thanks to his friendly personality and professional attitude. This guy is truly here to assist, not waste your time.

Corinna Z.

You won’t find a better consultant

I’ve been working with my financial consultant at Swissential on my financial planning since 2 years. He provides with a wide range of income tax and savings experience. That also includes continually researching and interpreting tax laws in Switzerland to insure fully up to date guidance. Additionally, They assists me in financial investments, identifies tax savings and optimizes tax returns. You won’t find a better consultant on the Swiss market than them!

Magdalena O.

A highly knowledgeable financial advisor

My consultant is a highly knowledgeable financial advisor and also a great person. He spent a lot of time to understand our situation vs offering ready solutions and made a tailor made valuable plan that works for us. He made him self available and helped to find solutions and guide us in our very dynamic case. On top of all the wisdom he has, he is a great guy that is a pleasure to partner. I highly recommend him in a financial aspects to anyone living in Switzerland to plan their future.

Sinan Y

Easy to Follow

Like most people I avoid financial calls, however with Swissential I’m glad I didn’t. No pushy sales speak, just an honest appraisal of my position. Excellent advice, and easy to follow and understand. I wished I’d have come across Swissential earlier in my retirement planning.

Nick T.

Make Your Life Easier

I highly recommend Swissential if you want to make your life easier. They explain really clearly all the pros and cons of every financial decision you can make.
I have been working with my adviser for a few months and he has already helped me a lot navigating the Swiss system, helping me to save money and making the appropriate investments.
I feel I am in very capable hands with him and I appreciate the transparency that underpins our relationship.
He is also a very pleasant person to talk with and any time I know I can rely on him.

Elisabetta F.

Highly Recommend

Swissential offer very friendly and professional financial planning services. I highly recommend them to everyone looking for advice on Swiss Pension & Savings Plans.

Aneta K.

A Shining Light

Refreshingly honest and trustworthy, a shining light in financial advice.

Roger G

Breath of fresh air

Breath of fresh air working with an efficient and conscientious company.

Milton L

I’d be happy to recommend his services

My Advisor is very friendly and professional. He’s helped me get a solid grasp of the Swiss pension system in great detail, combined with a deeper understanding for the various tax impacts it comes with. On top of this, he’s been key in helping us understand the Swiss real estate rules and creating the foundation for how to reach our financial goals. I’d be happy to recommend his services to anyone looking to optimize or improve their household finances.

Albert B.

I’m In Safe Hands

Alan M.

Knowledgeable and helpful

I met with Jonathan Berrar from Swissential who was very knowledgeable and helpful. He really went above and beyond to explain the nuances of the Swiss pension schemes and different options available.

Adrian T

Nobody Else I would Trust More

Gregor I.

Communication skills

I am benefiting from the consultancy services of my consultant who is great at providing full picture but also details when needed to make an informed decision. He has great communication skills and great technical knowledge- looking forward to a long term partnership!

Ibtissam B.

Professional Assistance

A highly recommended financial advisory in Switzerland, especially for those who just moved in or planning to move out and would like to understand how to benefit from the tax system. For those, who decide to stay longer, the company offers a professional assistance for saving plans, tax declaration and assets management.

Magdalena O.

They took the time to really understand both me and my financial situation

I am so glad I chose to work with Swissential to create a financial plan for my future. They took the time to really understand both me and my financial situation, and then created a personalized plan that was easy for me to understand. My advisor also gave great advice on how to avoid some of the pitfalls that can derail even the best plans. An added bonus is that he is also very fun to work with and made the entire process enjoyable!

Tracy J.

Clear explanations

Great first contact. Clear explanations on a difficult topic. Fully available for clarifications

Leao E

Clarity of Expression

Our consultant helped us, clarifying my information, answering many questions as well as structuring an approach to invest current savings in the long period. Always with the help of figures, he showed us many possible scenarios. Last but not least, his clarity of expression and availability strengthen our cooperation.

Davide T.

Shares his knowledge with great clarity and enthusiasm

My Consultant has a complete understanding of the Swiss taxation, financial and pension system and shares his knowledge with great clarity and enthusiasm.

Caroline C.

Prepared And Professional

Swissential has prepared and professional Financial Consultants. What i admire the most about my consultant is their transparency in showing me all the solutions that fit my familiy’s needs the best.

Andrea M.

Very Supportive

I’ve been working with a Swissential as my financial advisor for the last 2 years. My advisor is very supportive and finds time to answer my questions. I really appreciate his level of preparation and knowledge about the Swiss financial system. I can definitely recommend Swissential as a personal financial advisor.

Alexandros X.

Analytical Thinking

I met Swissential consultant at a time when I was reading a lot on financial instruments, investing and ways to secure my family’s financial future. He showed great consideration, competency and preparedness to what we are trying to achieve, by effectively proposing and trimming every little detail along the way. His friendly attitude, analytical thinking and knowledge helps us comprehend and adjust everything to our needs. He is always available and ready to help. I would strongly recommend Swissential to anyone who is seeking financial advice.

Michail R.

I thoroughly benefited from the session

My advisor and I recently connected and he provided an overview of how his company can assist people living and working in Switzerland. Do not hesitate to connect with anyone from Swissential for any support you will need – they have a deep understanding on all financial topics, and I thoroughly benefited from the session.

Tughan T.

Comprehensive Information

I’ve been working with Swissential advisor for financial and retirement planning. He provides excellent service which includes comprehensive information on Swiss tax and retirement systems, financial systems, and investments. I would highly recommend Swissential as a company to anyone – especially people just arriving in Switzerland.

Krzysztof B.

A Great Professional

Swissential consultants are great professionals who can guide you through the complexity of financials investments and insurance contracts. Their technical capabilities are enriched by human understanding, trust and transparency. I consider myself lucky for meeting my consultant, thank you for your services and transferred knowledge.

Domenico D.

Very helpful

Swissential was very helpful; they reviewed with me the details of the Swiss system and the options available to easily optimize my taxes. I’m confident others will find value when dealing with them.

David M

Spoke Our Language

I was lucky to meet my consultant when I was looking for financial advice. He spoke our language and clearly answered all our questions. In addition, he presented solutions that matched our family’s needs. I would definitely recommend Swissential to everyone looking to explore their investment options.

Dimitra T.

Appreciate the Treatment Received

Swissential has outstanding advisors. Mine has provided me with personalized advice for my investment profile, considering my preferences and finding the most appropriate plan.
When I had any question/requests, they have been addressed always quickly and smoothly. I really appreciate the treatment received and the efficient and flexible communication.
I can only recommend working with Swissential when it comes to planning your personal finances.

Beatriz B.

Knowledgeable, Professional, Personable

Knowledgeable, Professional, Personable. Being a former asset manager myself, I’ve often struggled to find financial advisors who could really add value. My consultant from Swissential went above and beyond, and has been invaluable in navigating my personal challenge of managing assets across different jurisdictions, from long term planning to short-term tips to optimize management of my assets. He earned my trust from the get go with his knowledge and honest approach, and I have greatly appreciated his diligence before recommending any solution, without obligation or pressure. Go-to person if you want to take good care of your assets, particularly if UK or Swiss-domiciled. Overall, the have people who are simply outstanding professionals across jurisdictions.

Emanuele R.

Clear Communication

The Swissential Consultant has been really helpful guiding me on the purchase of my first property in Switzerland and all the financial intricacies regarding 2nd, 3rd Pillars, Mortgages, savings, insurance etc. He has a great attention to detail, with a clear communication style.

I recommend 100% Swissential services as they have provided me valuable independent advice for my finance.

Fernando O.

I definitely recommend

Thank you so much for all your advices and help! You and your team have been super supportive and helpful! Thoroughly providing all the details, plans and following up! I definitely recommend people to reach out and take your excellent advices!

Athanasia P

Stress free and super smooth

Had a great experience with Swissential. They were very helpful and a friendly team. Saved me a lot of money and took the time to explain everything that I needed to know and answer any questions I had. Would highly recommend to anyone needing help with their pensions. Thanks to Swissential my experience with moving my pension was stress free and super smooth.

Jessica B

Helpful & Valuable

Carlo P.

Very pleased

Excellent professional services in the heart of Nyon. Very pleased with first advices and looking forward for a continued follow up. Thanks you Swissential Team.

Claudia P

Ideal for setting up financials goals

The Swissential Consultant is the person who has become for me a ideal for setting up financials goals. This can be a complicated and time consuming process for a foreign person coming to Switzerland but the consultants professionalism and approachability has made a difference for any financials advice required. Definitely we will continue to work together in 2022 !

Maria M.

Very Friendly

My consultant walked me through various complex processes with ease. A very friendly demeanour and would highly recommend! Thank you for outlining next steps with my Swiss departure and pension options.

Rebecca G.

A Deep Understanding

Swissential are very knowledgeable professionals with a deep understanding of the Swiss system. Their advice has been extremely useful and I would definitely recommend them to anybody who wishes to set themselves up properly for the future.

Mathilde Q.

Tailored to My Situation

I appreciate Swissential asviser’s advice being tailored to my situation and needs and have recommended them to colleagues seeking advice. Would do so again.

Henning A.

I’ll recommend Swissential to anyone looking for an efficient and personalised service

Trustworthy and reliable, it has been a pleasure to be working with Swissential. I have seen a substantial increase on my financial results during the time they looked after our affairs.
I’ll recommend Swissential to anyone looking for an efficient and personalised service.

Jean G.

Explain in Details

My consultant’s approach:
– Listen patiently all your questions (or ask you the right questions if you are completely clueless about how to improve your financial life)
– Figure out issues and/or contradictions in your strategy to reach financial goals (or explaining you why you should have a strategy and financial goals)
– Explain in details pro and cons of different solutions
– Give you time to figure out what fits better to you (without being pushy)
– Repeat the process (if needed)
If you like the idea to go through this “path” be in touch with Swissential.

Marco S.

High Level of Professionalism

I am pleased to be able to provide a reference for Swissential based out of Nyon in Switzerland.

Having decided to take early retirement and discovering that my company pension would be based on a UK pension topped up by a pension from the parent company in Switzerland, it was unclear to me how best to proceed and so I made contact with Swissential to help me in understanding my options. Following a detailed assessment of tax liabilities and my future financial needs, my wife and I decided to transfer the accrued UK pension fund and invest the capital in our own personal pension trust. This decision caused a problem with the parent company and Swissential helped me formulate a case to challenge my employers stance on how my UK pension transfer value offset pension accrued during the years of employment as a centre based expat. Following an extensive period of negotiations the parent company conceded to my request to also pay an annual pension income for the period I was employed on a centre based expat contract.

In addition, and based on their knowledge of the UK government pension regulations, my consultant helped me to offset tax liabilities by seeking derogation on the Lifetime allowance (LTA). A service which should have been offered by the UK arm of the parent company.

Since making initial contact with Swissential I found a high level of professionalism being offered by the team, and at no stage did I feel under pressure to take any specific decision. My wife and I appreciated the professional and friendly advice offered to us. The facts were presented in a clear and detailed manner, which allowed us to understand our future needs, liabilities and long term risks.

Without the service offered to us by Swissential I would have been left with accepting a default position of the company to pay a UK pension with a top up from the parent company.

For anyone in a similar situation to us, I would strongly recommend that you take up the option of the advice being offered by Swissential that will allow you to make the most appropriate decision that is best for you.

Peter L.

I suggest new-movers to Switzerland to get into touch with Swissential

Swissential really helped me to understand different pension and investment options. They also shared potential benefits that I might enjoy on tax management. I strongly suggest new-movers to Switzerland to get into touch with them and learn essentials of Swiss finance- pretty helpful.

Ozan B.

Dedicated to their customers

Swissential is fortunate to have dynamic employees who are totally dedicated to their customers – looking for the best solution – they have allowed me to understand a lot about the Swiss system and to benefit from it

Fabrice F


On a subject as complex as that of the pillars in Switzerland, the consultant informed me what they consisted of and recommended, in my personal case, what my options would be. He is professional, close, uses real examples and speaks Spanish.

Dolores V

Comprehensive Knowledge

I have been working with  Swissential now for a few years. They have given me excellent advice on my Pensions and General Financial Planning whilst I was resident in Switzerland . I am now returning to the UK and they are advising me on my UK pension/Financial Planning which has been invaluable. They have a very “broad” and comprehensive knowledge of Personal Finance, I can firmly recommend them

Ian M.

Saved me time and money

I recently utilised Swissential’s services and would highly recommend. Jon and his team were extremely professional and highly efficient, saving me time and money. I highly appreciate their support for navigating me through the Swiss system and securing me my pension in a timely manner. Thank you Swissential!

Latasha J

Fully Recommend

My consultant is fantastic at matching the right products with your needs and expectations. She spent time and energy explaining, asking questions, getting to know me and checking in on any doubts I had. She is a lovely person to deal with and has a great communication style that makes it clear and easy to get advice and make decisions. I fully recommend them!

Joanne I.

Personalized Advice

I found my adviser to be professional and knowledgeable and would recommend Swissential to anyone looking for a professional adviser in Switzerland! They put a lot of effort into offering support to their clients and give the best personalized advice!

Thank you!

Iulia C.

Insight and professionalism

Very useful information received which will aid my future financial planning. Delivered with insight and professionalism.

Maria B

Do not hesitate to ask to connect with anyone from Swissential

Do not hesitate to ask to connect with anyone from Swissential for any support you will need, their deep knowledge on all the financial topics, pension plans etc and their clear communication skills are part of their top competencies that will help you enjoy connecting with them.

Ioannis K.

Patiently Guided Through Swiss Social Security System

Thorsten B.

Professional and very friendly

I was shown all the possibilities and opportunities available to me in my current situation. There was plenty of explanation at each stage and I felt no pressure whatsoever, in fact the surprisingly open and honest approach was relaxing; I felt confident and in control at all times. The Swissential team is professional and very friendly. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Will W

Confidently Recommend

Bernard F.

Swissential is the answer

If you are wondering how to manage your finances in a efficient and wise way… Swissential is the answer. They not only know everything about these topics, they also explain it so easy and clear that makes everything a bit more easier and accessible for your understanding. Great advisers and professionals

Javier K.

I recommend Swissential

Very professional team. Thanks to the consultant for his high knowledge in the Swiss system. I recommend Swissential to open a 3rd pilar

Anthony G

Incredibly helpful

My financial advisor has been incredibly helpful, supportive and highly professional. Appreciate his candour and straight-forward approach and advice. I value his ability to recommend and propose the ‘right’ financial products & offerings relevant for me and my financial objectives. Overall, highly recommended.

Fahmi A


It is refreshing to work with a company that is really trying to change the perception of Financial Advice in Switzerland.

Easy B

Swissential gave me a very good understanding of the Swiss system

My advisor and Swissential gave me a very good understanding of the Swiss system and its financial opportunities. Swissential went in detail through my position (no generics) and helped me to make some important choices, just a few weeks after first arriving to Switzerland to work. I recommend them highly, they provide a nice sense of confidence.

Rafael A.

Very Strong Resource

Graham B.

Job Well Done

I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with my consultant and the team at Swissential. Even though I did not ultimately become a client, I have found them to be very knowledgeable about Swiss pensions, they were extremely patient with me and was able to demystify a complicated topic. The promise of a no obligation discussion is true with no strings attached, the pre-work and proposal they prepared were top class and if my situation changes, I will most definitely have Swissential on my shortlist! Thank you for a job well done.

Lay B.

They have always been available to help

I really recommend the Swissenial team, I am working with them since one year and they have always been reactive and very professional. They guided and helped me especially for my 3rd pillar pension fund. On top of it, they have always been available to help and answer my questions even out of their professional activity.
Now that I am planning my departure from Switzerland, their advice and expertise are very helpful for optimizing my financial assets.

Andrea P.

A very accessible location

Super professional team. Swissential are in a very accessible location in Nyon. I’m more than happy with the level of advice during our initial discussion and looking forward to our follow up meeting. Thank you for all the information.

Lisa L


Swissential offers an easy to understand yet friendly and professional financial planning advice and strategy. I found our meetings very helpful, as adviser presented and responded to questions in a friendly and susinct manner. I would recommend them to anyone looking for help and advice on Swiss Pension & Savings Plans.

Marco R.

Thank You So Much!

Claudia T.

Professional and transparent

Very satisfied with the service until now. The consultant has provided professional and transparent advice.

Josep S

The information is clear

A lot of professionalism and very attentive. The information is clear.

Karim M

Perfect understanding

A very professional team, perfect understanding of my personal problematic and clear advices focused on my needs.
I highly recommend Swissential SA.

Pamela B


I was a client of Swissential for quite sometime and during that period they have always been responsive to all my requests and questions. Ma adviser was the contact person of both my and my wife’s 2nd Pillar accounts. I would most definitely recommend them.

Stefanos P.

Attentive to Details

I am a client of Swissential since 2021. They helped me mainly on retirement planning and investment. They are very knowledgeable, attentive to details and extremely reliable in all his commitments.
I certainly plan to continue working with them in the future

Hellmer R.

Smooth & Useful

Meysam A.

Listening and communication skills made me comfortable

I highly recommend Swissential as financial advisors. Rarely you come across someone who is talented at both big picture solutions and individual details — my advisor is just that person. Listening and communication skills made me comfortable since the first minute I’ve talked with Swissential, making our time effective.

Daniele C.

Discreet and Easy Going Attitude

Yannis D.

Immediately helpful

I was referred to Swissential by a friend of mine during a moment of great personal and financial uncertainties.  My advisor was immediately very helpful to me and within a short frame of time we had a preliminary contact. During this first consultation, He showed to be very attentive, ready to answer my questions and to propose concrete solutions to my problems. Swissential was able to give me professional and competent advice that put me on the right track. I am very grateful to Swissential for the financial and professional advice they have given me so far.

Ailvia L.

Very Knowledgeable

Swissential have been providing financial advice to me, mainly for the Pillar 3a and the Pillar 2 products (Switzerland). I highly recommend working with them, as they are very knowledgeable and always eager to explain all the details that I need.

Konstantinos P.

Help to understand my own situation

Swissential has excellent advisors. Mine really helped me to understand my own situation, even one rapidly changing, with great advice around it. The consultant was an excellent communicator, had the capacity to explain and clarify issues better than anyone, and was extremely sympathetic yet strategic to individual situations. I would certainly recommend Swissential.

Helen M.

Excellent Support

Swissential provide excellent support and advice to me around the Swiss pension pillar systems and most importantly to me, maintains regular communication so that I know my assets are in good hands

Kevin M.

Professional & Precise

In the last months, I have been in contact with Swissential. The team demonstrate having a friendly and smooth process to walk customers through all the information we need to take decisions, being professional and precise.

Leandro S.

Sound financial advice and guidance

I have been a client of my advisor for the past 3 years. He has a very welcoming and professional nature. He works with great integrity to provide his clients with sound financial advice and guidance. He always ensures there are no questions left unanswered in determining the right strategy for his clients. I highly recommend Swissential for anyone looking for a reliable service and a financial advisor who has their clients’ best interests at heart.

Quentin M.


Impressed with my dealings with Swissential, the advice given to me was appropriate and clearly given and they kept in touch throughout the process. There are many firms offering advice but I would recommend anyone considering leaving Switzerland to contact Swissential for their friendly advice and service offering.

Graham H.

Very competent consultant

The Swissential Consultant has been in the past 2 years a great financial advisor regarding my pension plans and private finance. He is a very competent consultant, caring and present yet not intrusive, that try to understand and support the personal and financial objectives of his clients. He is structured and easily available making him very easy to interact with.

Marco S.

Highly recommended 🙂

My Swissential consultant was introduced to me by a colleague as an advisor who displays knowledge, benevolence and reliability. He took his time to understand my situation and explain complex situations in a very clear way. Thank you for your help, Swissential! Highly recommended 🙂

Lucia M.

Definitely Recommend

I have been contacted by Swissential to help me organize my finances. The call was very clear and all my doubts were clarified. I even reached out to them on a different (but related) topic and they quickly gave me their input. I will definitely recommend them.

Ana N.

Right Financial Plan

Grace L.

I felt satisfied and happy

My consultant was not only a very professional and knowledgeable person, he was also very friendly, very good at explaining complex concepts and rapidly understood the ins and outs of our personal financial situation. The journey was never too fast, never too slow, optimal pace to get to a point where I felt satisfied and happy with the result. I look forward to continue my bi-annual conversations with him.

Daniel M

Provides me the best solution

My consultant has been supporting me on all financial decision I have been taking in my life since 2019. He is very professional, organised and knowledgable and always provides me the best solution that fits my financial/risk profile. I trust him and I really recommend him.

Cristina M

For My Specific Needs

Had a very informative and constructive discussion with Swissential’s adviser
They are very knowledgeable around all the Swiss retirement pillars, gave me great advice and suggestions, therefore I a looking forward to our next meeting to continue to set up my retirement benefits and financials in the most efficient way for my specific needs.
I highly recommend Swissential SA to anyone!!!

Marek R.

Excellent service

Excellent service, they helped me understand all the options with my Swiss retirement before returning to Portugal.

George G

Sharp and to the point

I can only recommend Swissential for any Swiss related financial advice you may have. He has been sharp and to the point in my case, providing really good guidance, answering all necessary questions and even more.

Stephane L

Very Good Consultancy!

Very good consultancy!
Even though our case was finally not so interesting for Swissential (from a business point of view), the consultant provided us good explanation and a lot of advice!

Florent B.

Highly professional and informative

Swissential are a great team, they helped me with my understanding of the Swiss system which saved me thousands of Swiss Francs when I extracted my pension. Highly professional and informative.

Buda O

A real pleasure to work with Swissential

Swissential changed my life! Before speaking with Swissential I had only a vague understanding on my personal finance and the real impact on day to day life. Now I see the situation much clearer. I could set up clear goals and objectives.
My advisor is very articulated. He listens to your needs and provide you detailed information.
A real pleasure to work with Swissential.

Assane N.

Friendly, transparent and highly professional

friendly, transparent and highly professional. I would definitely recommend Swissentials, especially for expats living in Switzerland or about to leave.

Juan O

Strongly recommend the Swissential team

My experience was positive from start to finish, the information provided to me was clear and concise. I was able to understand some of the areas that were never explained to me properly until i met with the Swissential team. They explained how my AVS was calculated, they assisted me in reading my 2nd pillar statement and gave me strategic advice . I appreciated their approach as it was no pressure and very informative. I would strongly recommend the Swissential team.

Martin L

Highly Competent

Aramia A.

Save Money & Reduce Risks

I had a consultation with Swissential to discuss my imminent retirement plans. Swissential consultant was extremely professional, presented clear and understandable recommendations based upon analysis of my needs. His recommendations enabled me to save money and reduce risk in my portfolio. I recommend Swissential.
In addition, they have people who specialise in clients approaching retirement and has colleagues who can support clients earlier in their career, which enables more appropriate advice to be given.

Rod T.

They provided clear and valuable information

Swissential has a thorough understanding of the Swiss taxation, financial and pension system. They provided clear and valuable information and customized simulations and recommendations, specific to my personal situation and needs. My advisor showed great customer orientation and provided excellent follow-up via our weekly scheduled sessions.

Hassan S.

They helped me to understand financial opportunities

Swissential showed attention to details and is always available for any questions. They helped me to understand financial opportunities.

Ennio D.

Accurate and helpful

The information I received from Swissential was accurate and helpful, I would recommend arranging a chat with the team particularly if you plan on leaving Switzerland in the near future.

Justin C

UK and Swiss Pensions

My adviser from Swissential, has been invaluable in supporting my retirement planning. It is a pleasure working with him and I appreciate greatly his knowledge and diligence in navigating the complexities of both UK and Swiss pensions, taxation and financial investments. He took the time to fully understand my situation and goals before presenting a number of proposals, without obligation or pressure. I am very pleased with the outcomes we have achieved over the past year and will certainly be continuing to work with Swissential.

Bryn R.

Excellent financial advisor

The Swissential consultant is very professional and knowledgeable. At the same time he is very friendly and it is an enjoyable experience interacting with him. He is an excellent financial advisor helping people to structure their finances in a smart and optimized way. He knows well the Swiss system and has a lot of experience working with clients who come from abroad. He spends a lot of time discussing and understanding the needs of his clients and gives them input and advice on retirement and savings planning. I highly recommend contacting him and setting up an appointment to discuss. You will not regret it!

Dimitris K.