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A Shining Light

Refreshingly honest and trustworthy, a shining light in financial advice.

Roger G

Competent, flexible and determined

Great experience. The advisors are competent, flexible and determined to help. Highly recommended to anyone wishing to put in place a smart strategy on their retirement funds.

Fareva A

Clear explanations

Great first contact. Clear explanations on a difficult topic. Fully available for clarifications

Leao E

A Great Professional

Swissential consultants are great professionals who can guide you through the complexity of financials investments and insurance contracts. Their technical capabilities are enriched by human understanding, trust and transparency. I consider myself lucky for meeting my consultant, thank you for your services and transferred knowledge.

Domenico D.

I felt satisfied and happy

My consultant was not only a very professional and knowledgeable person, he was also very friendly, very good at explaining complex concepts and rapidly understood the ins and outs of our personal financial situation. The journey was never too fast, never too slow, optimal pace to get to a point where I felt satisfied and happy with the result. I look forward to continue my bi-annual conversations with him.

Daniel M

Friendly, transparent and highly professional

friendly, transparent and highly professional. I would definitely recommend Swissentials, especially for expats living in Switzerland or about to leave.

Juan O

A Deep Understanding

Swissential are very knowledgeable professionals with a deep understanding of the Swiss system. Their advice has been extremely useful and I would definitely recommend them to anybody who wishes to set themselves up properly for the future.

Mathilde Q.

Prepared And Professional

Swissential has prepared and professional Financial Consultants. What i admire the most about my consultant is their transparency in showing me all the solutions that fit my familiy’s needs the best.

Andrea M.

Insight and professionalism

Very useful information received which will aid my future financial planning. Delivered with insight and professionalism.

Maria B

Excellent service

Excellent service, they helped me understand all the options with my Swiss retirement before returning to Portugal.

George G

Incredibly helpful

My financial advisor has been incredibly helpful, supportive and highly professional. Appreciate his candour and straight-forward approach and advice. I value his ability to recommend and propose the ‘right’ financial products & offerings relevant for me and my financial objectives. Overall, highly recommended.

Fahmi A

A highly knowledgeable financial advisor

My consultant is a highly knowledgeable financial advisor and also a great person. He spent a lot of time to understand our situation vs offering ready solutions and made a tailor made valuable plan that works for us. He made him self available and helped to find solutions and guide us in our very dynamic case. On top of all the wisdom he has, he is a great guy that is a pleasure to partner. I highly recommend him in a financial aspects to anyone living in Switzerland to plan their future.

Sinan Y

Knowledgeable and helpful

I met with Jonathan Berrar from Swissential who was very knowledgeable and helpful. He really went above and beyond to explain the nuances of the Swiss pension schemes and different options available.

Adrian T

Well explained step by step

Good for those who want to know more about possible tax deductions in Switzerland, well explained step by step.

Jeremie A


On a subject as complex as that of the pillars in Switzerland, the consultant informed me what they consisted of and recommended, in my personal case, what my options would be. He is professional, close, uses real examples and speaks Spanish.

Dolores V

I definitely recommend

Thank you so much for all your advices and help! You and your team have been super supportive and helpful! Thoroughly providing all the details, plans and following up! I definitely recommend people to reach out and take your excellent advices!

Athanasia P

Provides me the best solution

My consultant has been supporting me on all financial decision I have been taking in my life since 2019. He is very professional, organised and knowledgable and always provides me the best solution that fits my financial/risk profile. I trust him and I really recommend him.

Cristina M

Sharp and to the point

I can only recommend Swissential for any Swiss related financial advice you may have. He has been sharp and to the point in my case, providing really good guidance, answering all necessary questions and even more.

Stephane L

A very accessible location

Super professional team. Swissential are in a very accessible location in Nyon. I’m more than happy with the level of advice during our initial discussion and looking forward to our follow up meeting. Thank you for all the information.

Lisa L

Very pleased

Excellent professional services in the heart of Nyon. Very pleased with first advices and looking forward for a continued follow up. Thanks you Swissential Team.

Claudia P

They actually care

I learned a lot from these guys and certainly feel well advised. You can tell they actually care instead of just trying to sell you something. Very happy with the way I was dealt with and would recommend to others seeking to improve their set up in Switzerland.

Phoebe A

Professional and very friendly

I was shown all the possibilities and opportunities available to me in my current situation. There was plenty of explanation at each stage and I felt no pressure whatsoever, in fact the surprisingly open and honest approach was relaxing; I felt confident and in control at all times. The Swissential team is professional and very friendly. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Will W

Dedicated to their customers

Swissential is fortunate to have dynamic employees who are totally dedicated to their customers – looking for the best solution – they have allowed me to understand a lot about the Swiss system and to benefit from it

Fabrice F


It is refreshing to work with a company that is really trying to change the perception of Financial Advice in Switzerland.

Easy B

I recommend Swissential

Very professional team. Thanks to the consultant for his high knowledge in the Swiss system. I recommend Swissential to open a 3rd pilar

Anthony G

Professional and transparent

Very satisfied with the service until now. The consultant has provided professional and transparent advice.

Josep S

Very helpful

Swissential was very helpful; they reviewed with me the details of the Swiss system and the options available to easily optimize my taxes. I’m confident others will find value when dealing with them.

David M

Accurate and helpful

The information I received from Swissential was accurate and helpful, I would recommend arranging a chat with the team particularly if you plan on leaving Switzerland in the near future.

Justin C

Optimized my taxes

Swissential has been very helpful to me in regards to understanding the Swiss system and how to easily optimize my taxes. Professional advise, not pushy, which was a nice change compared to other advisors I had met.

Charlie S

Strongly recommend the Swissential team

My experience was positive from start to finish, the information provided to me was clear and concise. I was able to understand some of the areas that were never explained to me properly until i met with the Swissential team. They explained how my AVS was calculated, they assisted me in reading my 2nd pillar statement and gave me strategic advice . I appreciated their approach as it was no pressure and very informative. I would strongly recommend the Swissential team.

Martin L

Perfect understanding

A very professional team, perfect understanding of my personal problematic and clear advices focused on my needs.
I highly recommend Swissential SA.

Pamela B

The information is clear

A lot of professionalism and very attentive. The information is clear.

Karim M

Stress free and super smooth

Had a great experience with Swissential. They were very helpful and a friendly team. Saved me a lot of money and took the time to explain everything that I needed to know and answer any questions I had. Would highly recommend to anyone needing help with their pensions. Thanks to Swissential my experience with moving my pension was stress free and super smooth.

Jessica B

Highly professional and informative

Swissential are a great team, they helped me with my understanding of the Swiss system which saved me thousands of Swiss Francs when I extracted my pension. Highly professional and informative.

Buda O

Saved me time and money

I recently utilised Swissential’s services and would highly recommend. Jon and his team were extremely professional and highly efficient, saving me time and money. I highly appreciate their support for navigating me through the Swiss system and securing me my pension in a timely manner. Thank you Swissential!

Latasha J

Breath of fresh air

Breath of fresh air working with an efficient and conscientious company.

Milton L